Symptoms Of Bone Cancer

Parts affected in Bone Cancer

Bone cancer affects the legs and arms. It is not a very common type of cancer. It may affect children, older adults or people in their mid forties and fifties.

Causes and Risk Factors

The two forms of bone cancer are osteosarcoma which is common in young adults and children. Chondrosarcoma may affect elderly people. Ewing’s sarcoma just like osteosarcoma affects children and young adults.

Symptoms of Bone Cancer
The most visible symptoms of bone cancer include:
• Swollen limbs and legs
• Excruciating pain in the bones
• Difficulty in moving
• Greater chances of fractures
• Excessive tiredness or fatigue
• Depression
• Sudden weight loss

Once we are able to identify the symptoms of bone cancer, it becomes easier to start the treatment course.

Causes of Bone Cancer
Once we have established clarity on symptoms of bone cancer, we now can concentrate on the causes of bone cancer.

Genetic factors and defects may be passed from one family to another and may affect the individual. If the patient suffers from Paget’s disease, there are greater chances of a fracture caused due to large bones. Patients who are exposed to radiation for a long time also fall prey to bone cancer. Excessive smoking, alcohol intake and drug abuse also are detrimental to the health of the individual. Many patients start showing symptoms of bone cancer, even if it is in the initial stages.

Treating Bone Cancer
Patients who have been diagnosed at an early stage have greater chances of surviving as it can be treated with medicines, chemotherapy and radiation

Course of Treatment
Doctors generally recommend CT scan, biopsy tests, X-rays for identifying possibility of any cancer. A biopsy test will help in finding out the extent of spread of cancer and the parts affected. The health condition of the patient has a role to play in the recovery as well. If the cancer has spread rapidly, then the doctor may suggest for an arm amputation

Other symptoms of bone cancer include frequent pain in the arms, limbs, lumps in the tissue surrounding the bone etc. Bone cancer may be caused due to irregular growth or tumor in the bones. The tumor can be either malignant or not. Bone cancer patients may not be able to take even small jerks and it can result in frequent fractures. Other symptoms may include confusion, stomach cramps, vomiting and nausea. Increase in the level of calcium in the body may also cause bone tumors.

Generally, tumors may go unnoticed, however if you are able to see a protruded growth or lump, please visit the doctor immediately. It is not worth delaying these things. Patients may experience difficult in moving due to these bone growths and suffer from paralysis or spine related problems. Undetected weight loss, extreme fatigue and high fever may also be symptoms of bone cancer. When these visible symptoms are combined with fever and tiredness, you need to check with the doctor and immediately begin the course of action.

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