Stage 4 Bone Cancer Survival Rates

Stage 4 Bone Cancer Survival Rates

Bone cancer was once a disease that just wasn’t easy to cure. The person suffering from the disease had to undergo an array of tests and treatments, and still the chances of survival were next to negligible. With the advancement of technology, it has become easy to fight bone cancer to a very large extent. There are three main types of bone cancer namely osteosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma and chondrosarcoma.

These types can either be on the primary stage or the secondary stage. On the primary stage the cancer hasn’t spread and is still in the bone. It can be cured easily and its survival rate is more. Whereas the secondary stage is the phase in which the cancer spreads to the adjoining tissues and parts. This stage is fatal and the stage 4 bone cancer survival rate is also low.

Every type of bone cancer is divided into four different stages. And depending on the stage that the patient is in the survival rate is figured.

1. The first stage is the initial stage also known as the primary stage. This is the stage when the patients are diagnosed early. Thus the survival rate of this stage is about 71% to 88%.

2. The secondary stage is the one in which the tumor has increased in size but has not spread to the regional lymph nodes. These are the parts present outside the cancerous bone. The survival rate at this stage is about 57 to 70 %.

3. The third stage is the phase when the cancer spreads on exterior parts of the bones, i.e. the regional lymph nodes. The survival rate of this type of cancer is around 63%.

4. The last is the stage 4 cancer. The stage 4 caner is the most challenging form of cancer. At this stage the cancer has been spread into the surrounding organs and is the most serious. The Stage 4 bone cancer survival rate is nearly 19% to 49%.

Since the patients suffering from the stage 4 bone cancer are in a very severe condition and the tumor is spread into other organs, the stage 4 bone cancer survival rate is generally low. It is not that this stage of cancer cannot be treated at all. Because there still are treatments available to treat it like heaviest doses of chemotherapy and other drugs.

The stage 4 bone cancer survival rate depends on various factors like:

1. The treatment offered
2. The type of stage 4 bone cancer
3. The bone suffering and the organ it has spread to
4. The age of the patient
5. The overall health of the patient (physical and mental)

All the above issues will factor into the stage 4 bone cancer survival rate. The statistics come out of the stage 4 bone cancer survival rates do not help in forecasting the patient’s survival. Because of its severity, it is impractical to estimate the life expectancy of the individual suffering from the stage 4 bone cancer.


  1. Thank you for all the information on this page. It really helped me to understand that what we did for my mother in laws was the right thing… we always wondered if we should have put her through the pain of treatment. She had stage 4 bone cancer. It started in her lungs and just spread. And we were told. She had it all over her body. Even in her brain.. so letting her have her final day here at home with us was the best thing to do….. so thank you again

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